How Women Who Have Experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse Can Finally Stop Self Medicating Their Way Through Life...

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Forget Abstinence. Reclaim Control. Starting Today!

Are You A Survivor, Sick Of Living In Survival Mode?

Get The EXACT Roadmap To Stop Self Soothing With Booze, Unwanted Meds, Excessive Caffeine, Whatever Your Go-To Is....


Introducing Your Presenter:

Gemma Louise Pugh

I help women who were sexually abused as children stop self medicating and start living!

I am a certified Human Potential Coach, Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher, Breath4LifeTM Breathwork & Reiki Practitioner. I’ve been working in the field of Somatics for 10+ years, alongside running a marketing business and prior to that in finance.

I was sexually abused from 6 to 12, culminating in a breakdown, and when I surfaced from that it was a case of everything looked fine on the outside, but inside I was a complete mess. I relied on my support system of booze, meds and caffeine to numb out, take the edge off, focus, be productive, and in the end just to function day to day.

I had this feeling I wasn’t really alive and living, because it’s not just the bad stuff you numb out, but all the great life experiences you’re not really there for…I’m sure you can relate?

The real work started when I stopped looking for yet another solution to stop self medicating, and dealt with the root cause. I dug deep into reverse engineering why I craved what I craved, what result it gave me, and how to mimic that in much healthier ways.

Which I can assure you is absolutely possible. Especially if you’ve all but given up hope…

There’s another way to quit  self medicating that doesn’t rely on willpowering your way through, and taking it “one day at time” for the rest of your life…

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, I hear you…but this is different...

...And I look forward to showing you another way…:)

In This Free Webinar You Will Discover...


✓ Why abstinence doesn't work in the long run

✓ Why talking and talking about everything you've been through keeps you stuck

✓ Why willpower drains your energy levels

✓ Why you're being triggered ALL DAY LONG

✓ Why despite everything you've tried, you're STILL self medicating!

✓ And that's only the beginning...


Forget Abstinence. Reclaim Control. Starting Today!

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